I just bought clip studio :,D I like it so far…and since I dont have commissions to do I am playing with it * A* 

More skullgirl’s Stick Streaming <_>

I need money for school and its summer so yeah..

My commissions are back! : ) on sticks! (and regular if you want to dont worry)


a collab with suzy sdfgdfhdf she is an amazing artist go follow her if you haven’t!

I did a collab with tami’s cute cute nagisa U 3U go follow her! She is adorable and her art is too much to handle!! I just pasted wierd stuff all over it

I made this for elleanor because I love her U uU I really hope she likes it…its 4 am here in Mexico !!

SailorMoon on drugs

Streaming painting : D 

I am practicing pixel art <_>  

Her name is Murder

:,D I’ll go on with the stream :